Late Century Platinum 2.36ct Jade  + 1cttw Diamond Ring

Late Century Platinum 2.36ct Jade + 1cttw Diamond Ring

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Capture the essence of the late century with our Jade and Diamond Ring in platinum. This exquisite ring is a testament to timeless elegance, highlighting a 2.36ct jade stone encircled by 1cttw of diamonds. The late-century design imparts vintage allure, creating a piece that is both timeless and sophisticated.

Ready to elevate your style? 

Enhance your look with the vibrant green of jade and the dazzling brilliance of diamonds in this late-century platinum ring. Click 'Add to Cart' to make this unique blend of sophistication and luxury a cherished addition to your jewelry collection. 


Materials: Platinum 

Cut/Shape: Oval

Center Carat Weight: 2.36

Current Ring Size: 4.5

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