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The Magical Journey Behind the Gems

In a land not so far away, where dreams come true, you will find the magical jewelry shop known as Christoffel & Family Estate Jewelry. This enchanting shop is brimming with treasures from all the famed prestigious jewelry eras, meticulously hand-sourced and curated to bring joy to all who visit.

The story of Christoffel & Family Estate Jewelry began many years ago when I discovered my hidden passion for vintage and antique jewelry. It all started when I was offered a unique opportunity to manage an estate jewelry shop in the "Happiest Place On Earth" - Disneyland! Surrounded by the fantasy and wonder of the park, my love for these timeless treasures began to grow.

With each passing year, I cultivated a loyal following by providing excellent guest service, making my time at the Disneyland shop a truly magical and successful one. But in 2016, I decided to embark on a new adventure and open my own fine jewelry company, Christoffel & Family Estate Jewelry.

This charming shop is a true family affair, named after my Dutch heritage and the endearing nickname my father used to call me, "Christoffel." The love and appreciation for antiquity runs deep in my family, tracing back to my grandmother. As a young child, she would take me on weekend adventures, searching for hidden treasures in antique stores. Her keen eye for the unique and special ignited a passion within me that I have always carried in my heart.

Now, with Christoffel & Family Estate Jewelry, I combine my tasteful eye for quality gemstones and beautiful craftsmanship with personalized top-notch service. Every piece in the shop tells a story, waiting to be cherished by the next owner who appreciates the magic of the past and breathes a new life to these heirlooms.

So come, step into the world of Christoffel & Family Estate Jewelry, where dreams come true, and every piece sparkles with its own special enchantment. Let me be your personal tour guide on this magical journey through the eras, where you can find the perfect one of a kind piece of jewelry to create your own happily ever after.

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